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The blockbuster film hotel takes the lead in leading the digital transformation of the hotel

Date: 2023-11-18

In recent years, domestic consumer demand has continued to upgrade, further promoting the supply side reform of tourism consumption, which has also prompted more diversified accommodation formats and brands to flock to the mass consumer market. In the hotel industry, the most direct manifestation of "choosing for fun" is the lifestyle hotel brand, and hotel brands have played the "experience" brand in order to better cater to the consumption needs of young people. Film hotels have emerged.

In order to better cater to and meet the needs of young moviegoers in the C-end consumer market, the blockbuster film hotel has positioned its brand as a "mid range film hotel", focusing on "smart movies+accommodation". The film hotel is a combination of film themes and cross-border hotels, providing guests with an immersive viewing experience, and achieving a "1+1" greater than 2 effect between the hotel and movies.

The added value of blockbuster movie hotels and IP truly touches the deeper emotional needs of the customer base, achieving a true connection between accommodation scenarios and IP value. With the increasing development of information networking, intelligent transformation is becoming the core strategy of future hotels. The blockbuster movie hotel incorporates intelligent elements into the hotel space. In the lobby, the hotel offers self-service smart check-in and customers can check in without queuing for "3 seconds". There is also an exclusive one welcome two see off concierge service, which allows for quick check-in without waiting, improving efficiency and safety. Use keyless unlocking and face scanning in hotel rooms to check in. In addition to brand new digital projection equipment, the room also features fully intelligent panel control switches and intelligent system support. During your stay, you can also experience convenient and intelligent room services such as robot delivery. At the same time, users can operate self-service one click check-out on their mobile phones to make their service experience faster and better. Intelligence endows the hotel space with a cold wall temperature and enables interaction with users, allowing users to receive convenient and safe services during their stay.

In the post pandemic era, the hotel industry is bound to usher in a favorable growth point, and consumer demand in the hotel industry is becoming more diverse. Non standard hotels with distinct personalities will have the opportunity to stand out. Based on the success of movie scenes and accommodation experiences in the hotel industry, blockbuster movie hotels will build a unique scenized ecosystem by empowering and upgrading to the hotel's own functions.